Surface Mounted Led Swimming Pool Light

Surface Mounted Led Swimming Pool Light

Surface Mounted Led Swimming Pool Light are mounted on the pool walls, which are less difficult to install and can be retrofitted easily, so you can upgrade the lights for your pool.

Since they do not stick out farther than the wall, they don’t break as easily. These are a popular option among new pools with LED lights more preferred than the regular halogen lights.

—Energy saving

Surface mounted led swimming pool lights are the standard in underwater pool lighting as they give ample lighting, and they are more inexpensive than other pool lighting choices. Again, halogen lights do use up more energy than LED lights use, although they are cheaper to buy.

—Easy installation 

Easy installation is always a great feature when you are talking about lighting.

1) Dissemble the bracket from the back of the lamp.
2) Place the bracket over the desired location, mark the holes, drill the holes, insert the roll plugs, and fasten the bracket on the pool wall using the stainless steel screw.
3) Wind the cable behind the lamp, and the fasten the lamp on the bracket.

— Good waterproof & Multi color

They are very bright and well-sealed providing waterproof lighting that is long-lasting. Outfitted with a low-powered LED light source, you get a high brightness underwater light that can give you color combinations including blue, green, and red that will gradually or jump through changes.


Produces beautiful colors
Remote control is convenient
Nice bright light
Different modes are nice to change the look up


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