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SMD Led Light Bulb For Resin Filled Underwater Pool Light

This Led Light Bulb is used for Resin Filled Led Underwater Swimming Pool Light.

Detailed Information Of SMD Led Light Bulb:

1. Model No.: HX-RF178-SMD3014 / HX-RF178-SMD2835
2. Material: PC
5. Size: 178*114mm
3. Voltage: AC/DC12V AC/DC24V
4. Power:18W/24W/30W/35W/42W
6. LED QTY: 252PCS/333PCS/441PCS/531PCS/630PCS
7. Color: Single Color(warm white/white/red/green/blue/yellow), RGB
8. Beam angle: 120degree
9. LED Brand: Edison
10. Life-span: Above 50, 000 hours.
12. Packing: 16PCS/CTNS

Feature of SMD Led Light Bulb:
Lower power consumption,high stability
PC with highest transmission which use for optics and lenses

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Pramater Of SMD Led Light Bulb
Item Code Voltage Power Size Material LED Chip LED Type Color Packing
HX-RF178-SMD3014-252 12V AC/DC 18W 178*114mm ABS Epistar SMD3014/2835

warm white







HX-RF178-SMD3014-333 12V AC/DC 24W 178*114mm ABS Epistar SMD3014/2835 16PCS/CTNS
HX-RF178-SMD3014-441 12V AC/DC 30W 178*114mm ABS Epistar SMD3014/2835 16PCS/CTNS
HX-RF178-SMD3014-531 12V AC/DC 35W 178*114mm ABS Epistar SMD3014/2835 16PCS/CTNS
HX-RF178-SMD3014-630 12V AC/DC 42W 178*114mm ABS Epistar SMD3014/2835 16PCS/CTNS

Swimming Pool/ Underwater/ Fountain Use

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