Ultral Thin (8mm Thickness) LED Swimming Pool Light

Detailed Information of 8mm thickness led pool light:

1. Material: 316 stainless steel +PC
2. Led Type: SMD3014/SMD2835
3. Power: 6W/8W/18W/24W/35W
4. Led Qty: 63PCS/108PCS/252PCS/333PCS/441PCS
5. Voltage: DC12V
6. IP Grate: IP68

7.Two years warranty

​​​​​​​1) Single color: White (pure white, warm white, cool white), Red, Green, Blue, Yellow.
2) RGB changing color.

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Size: 110*8mm/ 160*8mm/ 230*8mm/ 280*8mm


Advantage of 8mm thickness led pool light

1)  Ultral thin-8mm thickness
2) We open the model by ourselves, it is unique in the market.
3) Open the model by ourselves, it is unique in the market.
4) Very easy to install, no need to open the hole. just lock the screw
5)Energy saving, Eco-friendly, little heat while working, long life, safe in use

6)Superior geometric lens strengthen the light beam throughout the wide angle lens and lighten the entire pool

Paking Detailed of 8mm thickness led pool light
1)Neutral inner color box(accept OEM&ODM)
2)Packing detail: 10PCS/CTNS


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Item No Light color Voltage Diameter (mm) Material Power LED type LED QTY IP Grade
HX-PL110-316SS-6W Warm white
DC12V 110mm 316 Stainless Steel+PC 6W SMD2835 63PCS IP68
HX-PL160-316SS-8W 160mm 8W 108PCS
HX-PL230-316SS-18W 230mm 18W 252PCS
HX-PL230-316SS-24W 24W 333PCS
HX-PL230-316SS-35W 35W 441PCS
HX-PL280-316SS-18W 280mm 18W 252PCS
HX-PL280-316SS-24W 24W 333PCS
HX-PL280-316SS-35W 35W 441PCS

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